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Prayer Request: Deliverance Prayer Request: Deliverance

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Magdalena Lovejoy

Deliverance (May 25, 2019)

Prayer Request:
please pray that I am set free and delivered in my soul and healed by Jesus so there is  no more torment, hatred, abuse, and evil, please send the serial killer of Paul Bernardo away from me and from my family and from my son Elad Kamphuijs, so there is no more persecution of the Catholic faith, so please save my soul from violence, abduction and murder, and save Maureen Quann's soul, Lesa van Loon's family, strengthen Justin Trudeau government, and pray that I become a famous author with Olympia Publishing House, and pray that the cancer is removed from my nasal cavity, and send away the sexual perverse demon spirit that attacks me.

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